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Özmirioğlu is composed of the world's most prestigious organizations that is not only in Turkey but also in the world.

Our Production Facility

Pulp and feed production facility: 20.000 m² closed area.
Vegetable oil production facility is 10.000 m² closed area.

Leader in the Sector

Özmirioğlu Cottonseed oil-pulp industry Inc. We are happy to serve our valued customers in our company growing day by day, we love our business.

About Özmirioğlu

Özmirioğlu Cottonseed Oil-pulp Industry and Trade CO. has been operating on the oil and feed industries since 1978 in turkey.

Özmirioğlu; Seed crushing and crude oil production facility with a capacity of 450 tons in a day, and refinery facility with a capacity of 350 tons / day, pellet feed facility with 500 tons / day, 250 tons / day flake feed facility, it provides reliable and quality service.

Özmirioğlu CO. always adopts quality and customer satisfaction as a principle by processing high quality raw materials with continuous system machines suitable for developing technology. For this purpose, it effectively implements ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, halal and kosher certificates in accordance with its scientific and international standards, and the production is taken under control and food safety is ensured with the HACCP system.


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